Rx Feed Me Plush Blanket

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Presenting "The LoveRx Blanket", the perfect prescription for those suffering from a severe deficiency of warmth, food, love, and a healthy dose of passion. This plush, extra soft, high-thread-count blanket is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Designed to resemble an oversized Rx prescription pad, The LoveRx Blanket is carefully 'prescribed' with the vital ingredients for a healthy and joyful life: being 'f***ed' 2x daily, 'fed' 3x weekly, and told 'you are loved'...forever.

While we can't serve up your meals or whisper sweet nothings in your ear, this blanket can certainly offer a comforting cuddle during your intimate 'dosage' sessions, make your meal times more snuggly, and wrap you in a warmth that feels a lot like being loved.

Be it a playful night in or a lazy day on the couch, The LoveRx Blanket ensures your 'prescribed' daily needs are not only met but embraced in the snuggest way possible. Its generous size allows for solo use or sharing, because we all know that sometimes, treatment is better when taken together!

This cozy and warm atmosphere at home with this plush velveteen blanket. It is soft to touch and perfect for any home. Available in 60x80".

Due to variations in the production process, blankets may arrive up to 3" shorter than their listed size.

.: 100% Polyester
.: One sided print