ErotiCure Plush Blanket

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You've tried it all: candles, mood music, the finest silk sheets, but the spark is missing. Enter ErotiCure, the blanket guaranteed to reignite your fiery passions. This isn't just a blanket, it's a certified aphrodisiac in textile form.

Unfold the comfort of our scientifically-proven, maximum strength ErotiCure blanket, and instantly experience relief from all your bedroom-related blues. Perfect for those suffering from monotonous sexual routines, tension from unfulfilled fantasies, and the dreadful libido lethargy.

Our plush blanket is crafted from the finest, softest materials, designed for your comfort and satisfaction. With ErotiCure, we've got you (literally) covered.

Please be advised, ErotiCure is highly potent. Its use may result in spontaneous bouts of nudity, uncontrollable sexual urges, and an insatiable desire for more. Side effects may include, but are not limited to, explicit dirty talk, exploration of uncharted kinks, and ecstatic expressions of extreme satisfaction.

Always remember to use ErotiCure responsibly.

 Available in 60x80".

Due to variations in the production process, blankets may arrive up to 3" shorter than their listed size.

.: 100% Polyester
.: One sided print