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Daniel Allen Cohen

American Dream Card

American Dream Card

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The American Dream Card

Introducing the original American Dream Card, a satirical masterpiece by Daniel Allen Cohen. First created in 2015, this iconic art piece has been a source of inspiration and imitation, with multiple companies attempting to replicate its profound message.

In today’s world, the American Dream has evolved from the idyllic vision of a nuclear family to the pursuit of financial freedom and elite status. This transformation is captured perfectly in the American Dream Card, a parody of the prestigious American Express Black Card.

Each card is meticulously crafted to include your name and the number of years you’ve been “Hustling Since.” It’s a personal statement, a testament to your relentless pursuit of success in a world where consumerism reigns supreme and the upper class sets the standard for aspiration.

Terms and Conditions:

This card is a symbol of your journey to the top. Please note, however, that while the American Dream Card may bring you closer to your aspirations, it cannot be used to purchase actual goods or services. Acceptance into the elite circles it represents is subject to your own hustle and determination. Your mileage may vary.


Each card is made to order. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks before order is shipped. 


13x12x1.5 inch black shadowbox frame

Custom engraved metal card

Hand signed on back 

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